life in outer space

‘Hilarious and heartfelt.’ – Sally Rippin
‘Full of energy, wit and tenderness; this is one big-hearted and unique book.’ – Leanne Hall
‘Sly, hilarious, and romantic. A love story for weirdos everywhere.’ – Jackson Pearce

Sam Kinnison is a geek, and he’s totally fine with that. He has his horror movies, his nerdy friends, World of Warcraft – and until Princess Leia turns up in his bedroom, he doesn’t have to worry about girls.
Then Sam meets Camilla. She’s beautiful, friendly and completely irrelevant to his life. Sam is determined to ignore her, except  that Camilla has a life of her own – and she’s decided that he’s going to be part of it.
Sam believes that everything he needs to know he can learn from the movies…but now it looks like he’s been watching the wrong ones.


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YALSA Awards for Best Fiction for Young Adults (2014), Gold Inky Award Nominee (2013),
CBCA Book of the Year (Older Readers) Shortlist (2014), Ena Noel Award (2014),
Western Australian Premier’s Book Awards Shortlist (2014),
Prime Minister’s Literary Awards Shortlist  (2014)

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“It is so fun to read that you can’t help but want to turn the page and continue.” – The Kids Bookshop

“It’s a delicious read; humorous, well written, with strong and interesting characters and a fantastic storyline.” – Buzzwords

“5 stars. I finished this book with a huge smile on my face and with the characters still firmly rooted in my brain.”– Total Teen Fiction

“When it finished I wanted to stand up and cheer, but at the same time sit down and cry that it’s all over. I hope Melissa Keil never stops writing characters for me to fall in love with.” – Ruth Ellis, Dymocks

“This book clutched at my heart from the beginning and by the end it was squeezing it so hard. This is one of the best books I’ve read this year.” – Vegan YA Nerds 

“This charming story is like a modern YA-lit version of a John Hughes movie – funny, sweet, gentle, awkward, and filled with an endearing cast of odd ducks. A great choice for those who wish to end their summers with a lighthearted romantic comedy.” ―Publishers Weekly

“… [T]here’s much to enjoy in the budding relationship between Camilla and Sam. As both kids struggle with issues on the homefront, they find a genuine ease and comfort with one another that make them an unlikely couple worth rooting for. Much like a John Hughes movie, this is a humorous, heartfelt and angst-y romance with the potential to break the gender barrier.” ―Kirkus

“There’s also more to the book than the will-they-or-won’t-they of Sam and Camilla. The supporting characters–Mike especially–are multifaceted and real. Snappy banter and fish-out-of-water situations combine with touching moments to create an entertaining and diverting read.” ―Horn Book Magazine

“A realistic fiction piece that should enjoy broad appeal, particularly among younger teens. The central characters are complex and their stories compelling. Dialogue is believable and entertaining. Both male and female readers should find Keil’s book a satisfying read.” ―VOYA

“Made me smile so hard.” ―Looking on the Side of Wonder blog

“ADORABLE nerd-love story from down under! Star Wars and World of Warcraft and music nerdery and horror films and more. I want to hug every character.” ―Lindsay Smith blog

“A book that looks amazing in all its geekery is Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil…this is one of my highly anticipated books.” ― Snuggling on the Sofa blog

“Life in Outer Space is funny. Sam’s observances are hilarious as well as sweet and awkward. It’s unusual to read a book solely told from the boy’s point of view, but Sam is a great boy to read.” ―Escape into Words blog

“This book appealed to my inner nerd in many, many ways, to the point where I became so engrossed that I ignored all things going on in RL and kept my nose in this book until the ending… It’s a feel-good, endearing and mostly fluffy rom-com that I would love to see made into a movie. We need more books like this.” ―My Fiction Nook blog

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