Welcome to the world, Life in Outer Space

421520_421771737911012_143146688_nThursday evening, a bunch of lovely people gathered in a very Melbourne laneway in front of the awesome Little Bookroom for the launch party of Life in Outer Space. There was Champaign! And cupcakes! And a badge-making machine with quotes from the book, possibly the most exciting thing I have seen since – well, let’s just say I was slightly over-excited by the badges.

I focused on not toppling over in my giant heels, and on not quaking in terror as I took to the mini stage to thank the many, many people who have helped make this book a reality. I won’t reiterate the list here – there are far too many of you to mention, and hopefully you all know who you are by now.

Thanks to everyone who came down, everyone who was there in spirit, and anyone I happened to have left out of my speech. Much love and hugs to you all.


Yes, the amazing Hardie Grant Egmont even made 'Say Anything' badges!

Yes, the amazing Hardie Grant Egmont even made ‘Say Anything’ badges!

Launch party nail art, inspired by the beautiful Steph Spartels cover design

Launch party nail art, inspired by the beautiful Steph Spartels cover design

LiOS launch party

And thanks Melbourne sky for clearing just in time…

Ah, the Sharpie. No signing would be complete without one…

The housemates, being contemplative...

The housemates, being contemplative…

The lovely Marisa Pintado, editor extraordinaire

The lovely Marisa Pintado, editor extraordinaire




    1. Hi Kyle! It was lovely to meet you today – I can’t tell you how great it is to hear that you enjoyed the book. Sam and Camilla are pretty close to my heart, and always felt like old friends, so it’s just wonderful to know that other people ‘get’ them too. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the writers festival! With hugs, Melissa

  1. Earlier today (around noon) my friend insisted that we walk down the block to the book store, when I was quite happy to finish watching Charlie’s Angels. I grabbed 20 bucks, put on my shoes, tripped over the stairs and gracefully made my way out. At the book store – it’s the Readings on Lygon St – I walked to the young adult section and when picking up Life in Outer Space, I judged a book by its cover. I love the cover; it’s simple but unique and interesting. I had actually seen the book earlier but was cash poor then. Anyway I put the book back and helped my friend decide what book to get. Eventually I brought the book before browsing in the music section. I finished reading the book a few minutes ago. I loved it. It was funny, emotional and weird in a good way all at the same time. Sorry for rambling on, best of luck 🙂 PS sian is pronounced sharn

    1. Thanks for the hello, and for spending your hard earned money on the book – so glad it was worth missing Charlie’s Angels for!! Really lovely to hear you liked it Sian 🙂

  2. This is the best book ever!! Also it would be the best movie ever(if it go made into a movie)!! I was crying by the end of the book! I also think I have a small crush on Sam! (Sorry for the exclamation marks :P)

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