The Barbara Stanwyck of nowhere at all


** this is not me

In a distant, or perhaps parallel universe, there is another me who is inexorably cool; I imagine her as being pretty suave – leggy, of course, coiffed in a sharp black bob, possibly perched on a bar stool in red stilettos while sipping a martini.

I think it’s pretty telling that my only reference for cool and sophisticated seems to come from bad Film Noir.

In this universe, there is a me who has been sneaking into book stores to surreptitiously photograph her book on the shelves, suppressing a little squee with every copy she manages to find.

But look. It’s so pretty.


Cool can be next year’s New Years resolution.



  1. I loved Life in Outer Space!!! It made me randomly burst out laughing at various moments on the silent train to and from work.. I was so sad that the book had to come to an end – Im going to miss reading about Sam, Cammie, Allison, Mike and of course Adrian!!

  2. Congrats Misch…will be out there buying a copy (sorry only 1…I am broke) but will spread the word to everyone I know (that’s a significant number of people in Melbourne…at least 2).
    Love A.J.

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